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Our Terms of Engagement document outlines clear terms for collaborative success.

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Who We Are

“At Onepoint RCM, we’re dedicated to streamlining healthcare administration, optimizing revenue, and supporting exceptional patient care. Trust us to be your reliable partner in success.”

With a client-centered approach, we go above and beyond to support your practice. From expert credentialing to comprehensive billing solutions, we’re here to drive your growth and financial success.”

Your Privacy Matters

Your Rights:

  • Access, review, correct, or delete your information.
  • Opt-out of marketing communications.

Changes to This Policy:

  • We may update the policy to reflect business practices or legal requirements.
  • Updated policy will be posted on our website.

Contact Us: For questions or concerns, contact

By using our services, you acknowledge and consent to this privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

Information We Collect:

  • Names, addresses, contact information.
  • Medical information: treatment plans, medical histories, diagnosis codes.
  • Financial information: billing, insurance details.

How We Use Information:

  • Provide medical billing and credentialing services.
  • Verify and maintain credentials.
  • Submit claims, provide support to clients.

How We Protect Information:

    • Secure, password-protected databases.
    • Restricted access on a need-to-know basis.
    • Regularly updated security procedures.

No Sharing of Information:

  • We do not share or sell personal or medical information, except as required by law or with explicit consent.

Excelling in Healthcare Administration

Our Strengths in Billing and

“At Onepoint RCM, we excel in providing premier medical billing and credentialing services. Our strengths lie in our:

  • Expertise: Years of industry experience and specialized knowledge.
  • Efficiency: Streamlined processes for optimized revenue collection.
  • Dedication: Commitment to client success and satisfaction.

Trust us to be your reliable partner in achieving your practice’s goals.”

Hospital Affiliations
LLC Registrations
AR Denials

"Your Data, Our Priority"

'Securing Provider Data'

“At Onepoint RCM, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of provider data. We adhere to all privacy regulations, share data only with authorized parties, and implement strict protocols to safeguard information. Our robust security measures, including encryption and secure storage, ensure your data is protected. Trust us to maintain the highest standards in data privacy and security.”

'Secure Data Sharing Practices'

“We ensure the privacy and security of your data when sharing with insurance and legal entities. Data is shared with insurance companies for accurate billing and reimbursement and with legal entities to meet regulatory obligations. We use secure transmission methods and comply with all legal and privacy frameworks to protect your information.”

Keeping Your Data Safe, Only as Long as Needed

Data Retention Practices

We retain your data only as long as necessary to meet legal and regulatory requirements. Our policy ensures appropriate data retention and secure disposal or anonymization once the retention period expires.

Refund Policy

“We offer full refunds if services are canceled before work begins. If canceled after starting, refunds are prorated based on work completed. Unsatisfied clients can request refunds within 30 days for a review and possible full or partial refund. Refunds are processed within 7-14 business days. Some exceptions may apply due to circumstances beyond our control. Contact us at for questions or refund requests.”

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